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Westchester Parenting offers therapy groups lead by one of our experienced staff.  Groups typically meet weekly or bi-weekly for one-hour to ninety-minute sessions depending on the topic of the group.  Group therapy provides group members with a sounding board and is a great way to gain support and learn from others with similar and varying life experiences.  


Westchester Parenting is currently offering the following groups for parents, children and teens.  Please contact us for scheduling, fees and availability:


New Parent/Parent of Toddlers Group

This group will focus on identifying common concerns, fears, and stressors of being a new parent (mothers, fathers, and caregivers welcome). The group will help parents find support and comfort in a non-judgmental setting. Topics to be discussed include finding ways to reduce stress and set realistic expectations related to daily functioning, such as sleep, diet, nursing/feeding, self-care, and relationship challenges.   


Guiding Our Teens as They Launch from Home

This group is intended for parents of high school juniors, seniors and college-age.  The goal is to provide support and guidance for parents dealing with the logistical and emotional aspects of the college application process (i.e. tours, standardized tests, college acceptance, separation and empty nest).  This group is intended to help members learn from each other while processing the strong emotions that can be connected to having a child prepare and leave for college.


Social Skills Groups

These groups are designed for kids who have difficulty initiating peer interactions and maintaining long-term friendships.  For many kids, the intricacies of social dynamics do not come naturally. This group can help members identify, understand and implement the various components of social skills – from initiating a conversation to joining a group and feeling confident with peers.  Through skill building, role-play and feedback, members enhance their ability to more effectively engage with others.


Ongoing Parenting Process Groups

Westchester Parenting offers ongoing process groups for parents of infants, children and teens. Groups are typically organized based on developmental stages (i.e. early childhood, elementary, middle school, adolescence, young adulthood). Group leaders offer guidance on topics relevant to the developmental tasks at each stage.  Group members offer each other support and a safe space to talk through parenting challenges and triumphs. Through group comradery, parents gain confidence in helping their children thrive as their families develop and grow.


Examples of topics discussed include:

  • Parenting Styles  

  • Developmental Milestones

  • Age-appropriate Behavior

  • Discipline Strategies

  • Successful Co-parenting

  • Marital Relationships

  • Family Dynamics

  • Parenting in the Digital Age

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