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Childhood is a time of great possibility. We understand that being a child
is not always easy. At Westchester Parenting, we use a child-centered approach to help kids manage stress, rebound from disappointments and create strategies for future well-being.
It’s perfectly “normal” and typical for adolescence to be a time of emotional and behavioral strife for developing children as well as their parents, who are often along for the ride. Teenagers crave and need both their independence and the safety-net of childhood.
Adulthood is busy and complicated and sometimes messy. Being an adult is not always how we envisioned it as a child. Whether you’d like to experience greater fulfillment, strengthen your relationships, create life goals, or address specific mental health concerns, the therapists at Westchester Parenting can help.
Westchester is a unique place to raise a family, especially in the digital age of information overload. With access to all of the latest and greatest in parenting trends, it can be difficult to settle on an approach that feels right for your family. Our team is here to help you simplify and access parenting strategies that align best with your family’s lifestyle. We know there is no one size fits all approach.
At Westchester Parenting, we understand that the transition to separation and divorce can be an emotionally and financially draining time for any family. Children often face challenges that can impact their functioning.
Westchester Parenting offers therapy groups lead by one of our experienced staff.  Groups typically meet weekly or bi-weekly for one-hour to ninety-minute sessions depending on the topic of the group.  Group therapy provides group members with a sounding board and is a great way to gain support and learn from others with similar and varying life experiences.  


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Welcome to Westchester Parenting!  As both a psychologist and mom of three, I understand how parenting today can be as full of challenges as it is rewards.  As parents, we are the experts of our families, but emotions can muddy the decision-making waters, making us question the course of action that works best for our children, partners and families. My vision was to create a safe and welcoming space to help families navigate obstacles, stay connected and thrive.  


I have put together an impressive team of experienced therapists with diverse training and backgrounds who support Westchester Parenting’s philosophy.  We provide treatment across the lifespan, recognize the importance of parental involvement in the therapeutic process and collaborate with caregivers to address each family’s needs. We provide consultation, diagnosis and, most importantly, evidence-based treatment to all ages with a focus on highlighting individual strengths and building resilience. We recognize that it truly does take a village to raise healthy children. Let us be part of your village. We are here to help.


We look forward to partnering with you and your family.





Joselyn Fine, Ph.D. 


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